About Us

About the Founder

The Klagetoh Veterans Organization was founded by The Navajo Nation’s Veteran Affairs Department sometime in 2008, and at that time, this organization mostly catered to actual certified and registered Veterans of the small Klagetoh community. 10 years later, the services are also including Gold Star Mothers and Surviving Spouses.

Organization History

Before 2008, every Klagetoh Veteran had to physically travel across the Reservation to Window Rock (which is the Navajo Nation’s capital city), to have their issues and concerns dealt with, but instead they dealt with the tribal bureaucracy which many Veterans did not have the needed knowledge or experience to address properly, so they were discouraged and eventually gave up.

The first time the Klagetoh Veterans Organization was founded was roughly back in 1993, when members of the Navajo Nation’s Veteran Affairs Department had set up the Navajo Veterans Trust Fund, which was to be utilized by all Veterans of all 110 Chapters, spread out across the Navajo Nation, during their time of hardship.

After the Navajo Veterans Trust Fund had been unused for over two decades, enough money and interest had collected in that time frame which then caused the Navajo Nation to make an official Office Of Veteran Affairs in Window Rock Arizona. And some time later in 2008, the Klagetoh Veterans Organization was born.

Board of Directors

Samuel Joe

President / Commander

Mateo Shenale

Vice President / Vice Commander

Maggie Roanhorse

Treasurer / Secretary