Program Goals

The main goal of the Klagetoh Veterans Organization is to provide leadership to a Self Sustaining & Self Reliant lifestyle, so that all Veterans and their Members (ie Gold Star Mothers & Surviving Spouses), can achieve their own personal goals.

And with proper guidance from Military Trained Veterans, those able bodied Members of this Organization will be more inspired to give back to the community anyway they can, like helping to maintain a community garden, or start up a flea market to raise money for themselves.

Furthermore, as the Children in this Community grow towards adulthood and independence, we would like to share our knowledge & experience of being in the Military Service with them, in hopes that one day when they are finally discharged from service- they too will turn around and help keep this Organization’s goal in mind as they improve it with the changing times.

Available Programs

Housing Assistance: financial aide is provided to the Veteran for any repairs needed to their home, which usually doesn’t tend to be enough money because of the cost of their desired materials.

Hardship: limited financial aide set aside for the Veteran’s need and to also be used in situations where food, clothing, and personal hygiene products are greatly needed.

Energy: again limited financial aide set aside for the Veteran’s utility bill to be paid- such as electrical, water, or propane. In most cases, money is needed to buy firewood for their wood burning stoves.

Volunteering: in very rare circumstances, an Elderly Veteran will ask for physical laborers to help complete a home renovation project that they’re are unble to do themselves, so Volunteers are what they will seek.

Community & Veterans Garden

The first ever makeshift Veterans Garden was attempted in April of 2016 behind the Klagetoh Chapter House. Corn, squash, pumpkins, and watermelon seeds were all planted in a 30×30 square feet of land.

Then once again in April 2017, the second attempt came about with more volunteers all eager to show the Community Members the advantages of growing their own food instead of constantly buying it from supermarkets.

Klagetoh Flea Market

In April of 2016, the very first attempt for the Veterans to make money for themselves was started with a Veterans Flea Market. Using Saturday mornings in that month to be a convenient time for the Community Members to buy and sell, there were no customers due to the very unpredictable cold wind, rain, and snowy weather conditions!

Then a second attempt to restart the Flea Market idea came in July of 2017 with the time frame now being on Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm. With about 8 vendors total for that month, it was a bit more successful which would turn the Veterans Flea Market into a Community Flea Market, opened up to anyone interested in buying or selling their goods.

Veterans Appreciation Dinner

A hosted dinner that went along with Veterans & Thanksgiving Day, turned out to be a fun time with door prizes and plenty of food available to honor all those who have served and those still serving.

Clearing Out The Cemetery & Clearing Out Local Vegetation

With the current Klagetoh Community Cemetery running out of room for future burials of community members, there was a public need for a bigger cemetery, only this time it would be 10 acres divided into 5 acres for regular community residents, and the other 5 acres for Veterans.

So last year in November 2017 during the Veterans Day weekend, 4 Community Members and 1 Veteran, came together to clear out trees, bushes, and other vegetation to make room for a new 10 acre Klagetoh Cemetery! And with less than 2 weeks to prepare the Veteran’s 5-acre gravesite for a fence contractor to come into the fence off the area, it was cleared in less than a day with the help of an industrial grade machine.

Although the community’s land use planning committee had over a year to work with the Veterans Organization on joining forces to complete this daunting task, this project was completed with teamwork and the knowledge and guidance of the Veterans Secretary, who made everything come together without any problems!

Chapter House Flag Pole Repair

This particular Chapter House flag pole had been standing alone for about 4 years without a flag attached because the mechanism at the tip was broken off by the high winds blowing through!

But with the help of 7 community members and 1 veteran, the pole was cut down so the tip could be replaced, then it was stood back up to be wielded, and was finally completed close to 10 pm at night! And now the United States flag is able to wave off of it once again!

Roof Remodel For Korean War Veteran

These photos are from a roofing project that some members of the Klagetoh Veterans Organization volunteered in, along with other family & friends, to remodel this roof for a fellow Elderly Korean War Veteran. It was started in November 2016 and finally completed this past January 2018, because of the lack of funding that was not available.